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Bud Candy - Nourish your plants with sugars, amino acids and vitamins, and try their sweeter and larger colors. Getting sweeter and higher yields happens when you supply your plants with carbohydrates that shake them through an energy stimulation. 


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Bud Candy Organic - For sweeter and more vibrant colors 100ml/250ml /1Liter

SKU: 0009
PriceFrom ฿360.00
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  • Bud Candy - Stimulator for sweeter and bigger colors 250ml / 500ml / 1l / 5l.

    Bud Candy - A product that combines the delivery, processing and combination of all amino acids, carbohydrates and vitamins, and instantly provides you with bigger and sweeter colors. 


    Best of all, you get two products in one, because Bud Candy gives you everything in the Sweet Leaf and CarboLoad products, but at the same time it gives you far more in an easy-to-use formula. 


    Whether your plants are currently in the flowering period or you are preparing for this period, now is the time to get 100% organic Bud Candy and get candy-flavored flowers , as well as to strengthen your plants.  

    Bud Candy is a root zone formula that improves the roots and is absorbed quickly through them to create a bigger and sweeter color.


    1 - 6 weeks from the flowering phase - 2ml / L

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