Getting used to maximizing yields is a pleasure for you The latest news in the world of hydroponics is that you can now improve growth while stimulating flowering in the meantime. Using Bud Ignitor® to get an impressive growing room full of plants laden with flowers from top to bottom is fun and easy, but that's not the whole story .

Bud Ignitor - Stimulator for the early phase of flower-100ml/250ml/500ml/1Liter

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  • Bud Ignitor - Stimulator for the early phase of flowering 250ml./500ml./1l./5l.

    Bud Ignitor creates additional reserves of potassium and phosphorus, which directly feed the production of essential oils and flavors when the flowers of your plants swell and ripen. By using Bud Ignitor during the first two weeks of the flowering period, you maximize the number of flowers and their production, while at the same time maximizing yields, making them more valuable. You will love to see your plants produce floor-to-ceiling flowers ready for harvest when you use Bud Ignitor at the beginning of each flowering phase.  


    1 - 2 weeks from the flowering phase - 2 ml / L

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